Amber Prayer Beads

Round Genuine Worry Brown Amber 33 Islamic Prayer Beads Tasbih, 8.5 Long

Round Genuine Worry Brown Amber 33 Islamic Prayer Beads Tasbih, 8.5 Long

Round Genuine Worry Brown Amber 33 Islamic Prayer Beads Tasbih, 8.5 Long

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Ok for stones dealing with the Muslim religion. The most famous one is the black stone of al-Ka'bah aka. Which only Muslims are allowed to go near. Legend of it is that goes as far back to the biblical Adam and Eve. Supposedly fell to Earth to show them where to.

It was said that it was originally white but. Later grew black from the sins of man. Supposedly stolen in 930 CE and recovered in 951 CE and was described.

As having the ability to float on water. Would be a good indication that the stone is pumice or some form of. Usually most stones that are considered magical are called Hakik. Also I believe Hindus use this as well. Although some report that these are just agates. Usually they are polised and shaped for a ring.

Sometimes they will be engraved with an inscription. Ma`adh has narrated on the authority of Imam `Ali (a) saying: The one.

Who wears an aqeeq ring, God grants him literally. Seals for him the peace (al-amn) and faith. Imam `Ali (a) has said.

Wear aqeeq on your rings, you will be blessed and. Will be saved from afflictions. `Abul Mu'min al-Ansaaree reports that.

I heard Abu `Abdillah (Imam Ja`far as-Sadiq). Saying: The hands that wears Firoza will not see poverty. Reference: Shaykh al-Tabrasee, Makarimul Akhlaaq, Teheran, 1972, pp. There is an account of Ali the first or second convert to Islam. Tradition states that Ali used to wear four rings on his hand. Aqiq to protect himself from enemies and all types of misfortunes. Aqiq in English is Carnelian. Aqiq (stone) protects Shia(a Muslim sect) from unjust rulers and from.

Everything else, which causes fear. (Amali of Tusi - Volume 1, Page 36).

Yaqut for beauty and dignity. Some said this means opal. Modern translations Yaqut will mean Ruby. Also another spelling is yaqund which is supposedly used by Persians. Sometimes Persians call it sub-i-asmitr.

Feruz for obtaining divine help and victory. Also spelled firoza, firuzah and. If worn on a ring, it protects a believer from. Misdeeds, poverty, becoming dependant, magic, evil, the.

If one see it first after waking up in the morning he. Safe from intrigues of intriguers. Victory over enemies, good rep among. Nobles, Also if it should crack remove it. And Hadid Thin, Hadid Theen, Hajr Seeni, Hadded e sein, the Hadeed, hadid.

Chini and Hadid(iron) Sin(Chinese) for strength. Translation in English is Hematite. Islamic lore it is not recommended to wear it too long. These stones have been specifically. Recommended by the Mohammad himself to wear them at all times, and.

Carnelian(Aqiq also spelled Aqeeq) is considered the most important. As Besides the stone being.

The first stone to affirm the existence of Allah, the Prophethood of. Ali , and confirmed Paradise for the friends and followers of Ali.

Islam, whosoever wears the stone. Signifies and finalizes his or her belief in Islam and is amongst the. Verses from the Koran have. Been found engraved on this stone.

Also Ali was said to ask what type. Of Carnelian he should wear as a ring and was. BTW red carnelian is Sard. Black carnelian is said to be protective of children. Tuquoise in al-Sadiq reportedly advised Mufaddhal that wearing a ring. Encrusted with the Feruz stone and said.

It gives strength to the eyes, gives relief to the chest and increases. The strength of the heart. Dur-e-Najaf , Dhur(quartz) al-Najaf(from Najaf) is a type of quartz. It is found in either the rivers or on land. From the rivers are brighter.

The sight of Durr-e Najaf supposedly makes the heart of believers. Male or female happy and it cures pain in their eyes.

To look towards the Durr-e-Najaf, increases the happiness, It is. Helpful in the cure of all kinds of eye diseases and. In islamic lore it is said to clenase it.

Rinse it in water and briefly leave it in the sun. Marjan which is coral(usually red coral). In Islamic law it is said to. Protect paralysis, disease of the heart, liver. Stomach, kidney and the effects of black magic.

Corals on their children's neck to protect them. Pukhaj which is yellow saphire. Also goes under as yaqut asfar. Under the influence of Jupiter. In inspiration or creativity, when put under the tongue it helps with.

The effect of a poison, increases the heat of the body. If the wearer of Emerald eats any poisonous food. Immediately sweating will be visible on his face. Leprosy, dispels anxiety, nightmares and epilepsy. According to "Marifat al Jawahir", It increases the power of.

Vision, calms tempers and ends fighting. Mohe Najaf (tourmalinated quartz) is also sought after as a power. Helps with matters of love and. Sadaf(mother of pearl);zabar jad(aquamarine). We always do our best to provide our customers with speedy service; however, some things are out of our control.

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Round Genuine Worry Brown Amber 33 Islamic Prayer Beads Tasbih, 8.5 Long